Dear Readers:
The Moon Prince will be posting “reruns” for the next year or so. This is because I'm currently revising the older pages of the book so the color and style of the drawings are consistent from beginning to end. As a result, the “reruns” are actually quite different from the way they looked when I first posted them years ago. I hope you enjoy seeing these newly spiffed-up pages, and I hope you'll stick around to see the last part of The Moon Prince, starting in the fall of 2018.
Your pal,

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Yet Another Process Post

Here's a behind the scenes peek at the creation of a page of The Moon Prince - page 78, in this case. It starts off with the rough "thumbnails" sketch, just done on printer paper with pen, then shows the photo-collage (with 3D backgrounds) I made for the page, starring myself and my wife Melissa as all the characters. Next comes the drawing I did based on the photo-collage, and then the color and tones, and finally the word balloons and "gutters" (borders between the panels):

Stay tuned for this Friday's episode!

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