What's it all about?

The Moon Prince is the story of two orphans, Max and Molly M'Chawi, who have been growing up in an orphanage (a workhouse, really) in the town of West Hoboken, New Jersey. The time appears to be around 1900 -- but as we discover, this isn't really the same America we're used to. For one thing, the government is an aristocracy, with a queen, and they rule by keeping most of the population half-asleep with something they call "Joy Juice". 

Max and Molly don't know much about their own past, but they've found out that they belong to a family which seems to have special powers - and because of this they've gotten caught up in the aristocracy's scheme to get more of the ore they use to make Joy Juice - from the Moon! 

How long will It last?

The Moon Prince is going to be four hundred and nineteen pages (I know because it's already written, just not drawn). After that, there will be two more stories: Escape to Mars and The Callisto Stone.

How often is it updated?

A new page of The Moon Prince goes up every Friday, usually around Noon EST. Sometimes I'll post other Moon Prince related items during the week, but the story itself is being done at a page a week. It'll take a long time to finish the story, so please bear with me - I'm drawing as fast as I can!

Who is Kevin Fraser? Who are the real Max and Molly?

Kevin Fraser is a "pen name" which I use because I want to maintain the privacy of my children (the real Max and Molly), who pose for every drawing in the story. My wife (Max and Molly's mom) poses too, and so do I! Which leads to the next question:

How is it made?
The Moon Prince is drawn and colored on a Macintosh computer with a Cintiq monitor (a special kind of monitor that you can draw right on). All of the drawings are based on photos or 3D renderings, because I want it to look as realistic as possible given the fantastic subject matter. (I also draw comics the old-fashioned way, on paper, but they look much less realistic!)

What exactly is a Callisto cat?

I can't tell you too much about that yet - it's still a bit of a secret - but Callisto cats aren't from Earth. They are as smart as people (smarter than some!) and have long fingers that let them use tools like humans do. They also have pouches, just like kangaroos.

What's this "Empire" everyone keeps talking about?

The Solar Empire was a confederation of worlds that lasted for many centuries but fell apart after a long and terrible civil war about two thousand years before The Moon Prince begins. The Empire had very advanced technology, much of which relied on the use of "Casimir" energy which was extracted from the "ether" (empty space) by "M'Chawis" - people who had a special power. Lots of old machinery and other relics of the empire are still around in Max and Molly's time, but most of it is broken and hardly anyone knows how to use it. Space travel has become almost unheard of.

Why is there air on the Moon?

The Moon Prince is set in another universe which looks a lot like ours but has some different laws. For one thing, small planets like the Moon can hold onto an atmosphere. Also, the distances between planets and stars are much shorter - the Moon in Max and Molly's world is only 25,000 miles away!

Will there be a Moon Prince book I can buy?
I sure hope so! I'm planning to try and publish it in three parts, each about 135 pages long, so The Moon Prince will actually be a trilogy - as will Escape to Mars and The Callisto Stone, for a total of nine books in all.