Friday, March 9, 2012

Moon Prince Page 103: Broken Glass

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Anonymous said...

And here we go again...
Google's translation was at least so good, that i think i know what he says: "Since the pirates' attack my wings are broken."
Depending on how you want to translate "pirate", namely "praedo" ("robber"), "pirata" (actually sea-robber, but then again the ether is their sea) or "praedo aerius" (lit.: "airborne robber"), it should read
"Praedonibus impetum facientibus pennae fractae sunt.",
"Praedonibus aeriis impetum facientibus pennae fractae sunt."
"Piratis impetum facientibus pennae fractae sunt." (lit.: [Since/after/because of] the pirates making the attack the wings are broken). I left out "my", because he is the only one with wings, so for a Roman it's obvious he is talking about his own ones.

Have a nice weekend

Anonymous said...

Oops, me bad.
Please replace "pennae" by "alae". Pennae means plumage, whereas alae are the actual wings.


Kevin Fraser said...

Fixed! Once again, we have Norder to thank for a superior translation into "Solarian" - thanks Norder!