Page 211: A Little Secret

Dear Readers:

Today's page marks the exact halfway point of The Moon Prince story -- there were 210 pages before this, and there are 210 pages to go. Before we get to the second half of the story, The Moon Prince is going to take a break for two months, with no new pages until Friday, June 13th. 

This is so I can go back and polish up the first 50 or 60 pages to make their style more consistent with the rest of the book. To show you what I'm doing (and hopefully keep you in the habit of coming here every week!), I'm going to post animated examples each Friday showing how certain pages looked when they were first drawn, and how they look after all the polishing. The first of these, for page 10, is just below today's new page, so scroll down if you're curious!
Thanks as always for reading The Moon Prince!


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The Page 10 Polishing-up Animation: