All Polished Up!

Dear Readers:

Today I finished the “polishing up” process for the first 60 pages of The Moon Prince, to make them more consistent with the rest of the book. I changed lots of details like the overall color, the thickness of the drawing lines, the length of people's hair, even punctuation. All of the revised pages have been uploaded along with some other minor changes I made to the rest of the pages (more than 200 all together!) so I hope you'll have a look through them all if you have a chance.

This weekend I'll start new pages again, and since I like to work a bit ahead it'll be several weeks (June 13th) before I begin posting them. In the meantime, here's a little animation showing how I made page 146, starting with the “thumbnail” rough sketch I did on typing paper when I wrote it, then showing the collage layout I made with various 3D renderings of Grakko, then the line drawing I made from that, the colored version, and finally the finished page with word balloons. Each page takes me about 20 hours from start to finish!

Thanks as always for reading!