Friday, May 2, 2014

Two More Polished Pages

Dear Readers:

The Moon Prince is on a break until June 13th while I go back and polish up the first 50 or 60 pages to match the rest of the book. So you can see what I'm doing, here's a couple of examples as little animations - pages 21 and 25.

Best wishes and thanks for reading!



Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin, the revised pages look great! It may be too early to ask, but are you thinking of publishing the first half of the Moon Prince soon? You could try a Kickstarter campaign!

Kevin Fraser said...

Thanks ee, it's great to get feedback like that! I have high hopes to see The Moon Prince published, and I actually have an agent here in NYC shopping it around to publishers. If no one bites, I could very well imagine doing a Kickstarter once it's closer to being finished (which at my slowpoke pace of a page a week means about three more years!)