Friday, October 17, 2014

Page 230: You're Fooling Yourselves

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bruce said...

plot question:
Dactyl can fly.
At this point I would expect Dactyl to jump out of the ship ASAP, ditch these guys and get back home warn the bats of the impending attack.

Kevin Fraser said...

Hi, Bruce
That's an excellent question! Dactyl could indeed fly all the way home to bat country, but it's very far (hundreds of miles) and he knows the pirate/human forces would almost certainly beat him there. Max and Molly's ship would be a much faster and easier way for Dactyl to get home if they can get it to work AND if he could somehow gain the upper hand over Kitiko (ideally by throwing him overboard). Plus he knows he'd get a hero's welcome for capturing such an advanced vessel!
Thanks for reading!