Friday, July 15, 2016

Page 314: About Face!

Dear Readers:

Back in May I announced that I'd be changing the style I use to draw The Moon Prince to something more “cartoony”, so as to free up some time to work on other projects. Since then, I've caught up on my other projects and, with a little more time available, decided that I'll finish up The Moon Prince in something closer to the original “clean line” style after all. Sorry to be so inconsistent!

So here's the last page I'll do in the cartoony style. I'm going to take a little break to redo pages 301 to 314, then I'll start posting them again in a few weeks (in the meantime I'll post some old favorite pages as well as some “process” pages showing how I make The Moon Prince).

Thanks for your patience, and thanks for reading!

Your pal,

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Anonymous said...

RE-re-vamping the style: Book-value (+1) overall aesthetics (+4)
Your Own Personal Happiness (+20)!

Kevin Fraser said...

Hah! Nicely put!

Martin K Jones said...

Even thought I've enjoyed the fast pace with the new art, I will appreciate the return to the original style. Thanks for a great story!