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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Yet Another Process Post

Here's another little animation, this time showing how page 80 was made. As usual, it starts with a quick sketch (or “thumbnail” page) to figure out how the images and words will fit together. Then I make a photo-collage combining snapshots (in this case, of myself and my wife Melissa, who plays the Queen) and simple 3D renderings of various background elements. Next I make a drawing based on the collage, using a Cintiq monitor to draw directly into Adobe Photoshop. Then I add color, tones, and the word balloons and borders (or “gutters”).

It's a bit hard to read all of the word balloons while the animation plays, but you might notice that the dialogue got revised a fair bit on this page by the time it was finished. Also, Max and Molly are referred to as “Arasons” in the early draft, instead of “M'Chawis” which I settled on later. Stay tuned for Friday's new episode!

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