Friday, October 11, 2013

Page 184: His Great Green Eyes

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  1. At least it's with rhyme, if not with rhythm and guitar...
    Panel 1: "Cuique sub oculis viridibus amplisque viam lucet" (For everyone under his eyes green and wide he lights the way)
    Panel 2: "nosque ex nocte aeterna in lumen telluris ducet! (and will lead us out of eternal night into earthlight!)
    Panel 3: "Ita fiat!" (So it's supposed to happen!) [Amen = so be it]
    Panel 4: "Domine, te cum propheta tuo ad epulum nostrum invito!" (Dear lord, I invite you together with your prophet to our feast!) [That's about as polite as Romans could get. Their language really shows their farming origins]

  2. Wonderful and concise translations, Norder! Thank you as always!