Friday, November 22, 2013

Page 190: Banished!

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Norder said...

Magnificent cultural clash!
Panel 2:
"Te domo eicio..." (I banish you from home...)
Panel 3:
" cuniculos caecos!" (...into the absolutely lightless tunnels!)
Panel 4:
"Puella misera" (Poor girl)
"Ne id facias, Wesleyn! Oro, obsecro, ignosce." (Don't do that, Wesleyn! I pray, I beg, forgive [A common expression to ask for forgiveness]) (Latin doesn't have words for "Yes" or "No". Born politicians... BTW "Amabo te" means "I will love you")
"In cuniculos!" (Into the tunnels!)
Panel 5:
"... ne in cuniculos!" (...not into the tunnels!)
Panel 6:
"...cras ritum lapidum?" (... tomorrow the holy ceremony of the stones?)

"cuniculus" stands for artificial tunnels like mine shafts. If the tunnels are of natural origin then "cuniculos" should be replaced by "specus" in all sentences.

Kevin Fraser said...

Fantastic, Norder -- thanks as always! I went with "Specus" for the tunnels because they are natural in origin -- as far as the fairies know, heh heh!