Friday, November 29, 2013

Page 191: They Gotta Cave Full

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  1. Let's see...
    Panel 4: "Quid dominus dicit?" (What does the lord say?)
    "Tace et expecta, rustice!" (Be silent and wait, you boorish one!)
    Panel 6: "Dominus laetari videtur." (The lord seems to show joy.)

    Besides, I made some mistakes in earlier pages (sorry for the work..):
    Page 182, panel 4: "ut assolet" (like it is proper)
    Page 183, panel 6: "Domino veniente gemmae lucent!"
    Page 190, panel 6: "...cras ritum gemmarum?"

  2. Thanks, Norder - those are great, and they make the panels fit better, too!
    I changed the other pages (and re-uploaded the website versions) except for page 182 which I left unchanged because I like that "procedendi" sounds similar to the English word "procedures", and because "assolet" sounds - heh, heh - like a naughty word in English!

  3. Could we settle for "elegantia morum" for page 182? America septentrionalis est omnis puerilis *sigh*

  4. Heh, okay, that one sounds very proper! I'll repost it this weekend when I update the site pages.